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Ethics and the future of auditing

25 June 2018
In a global business environment, decision makers need to trust the information given to them more than ever before. Ultimately, audits are providing an informed opinion to the decision makers in a business about the accuracy and reliability of the information presented, allowing them to make critical business decisions.

RSM Reporting - Issue 29

20 February 2017
2017 promises to be a rather momentous year, with international trade being re-shaped on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Pacific regions and with new business models stemming from innovative technology and enterprises. What does this mean for the future of accounting? In this issue we continue to provide some insight into the foreseeable developments of IFRS in Europe, in conversation with the CEO and Chairman of the Technical Experts Group of EFRAG, Andrew Watchman.

Reflections on the future of accounting and reporting - a conversation with Mark Vaessen

9 November 2016
Reflections on the future of accounting and reporting -  a conversation with the chairman of the Corportate Reporting Policy Group at the Federation of European Accountants, looking at the possible effects of Brexit on the development of IFRS.

Issue 64 - IFRS News in Brief

4 November 2016
Breaking IFRS news, including publications, announcements, and decisions by the IASB.

Issue 63 - IFRS News in Brief

7 October 2016
Breaking IFRS news, including publications, announcements, and decisions by the IASB.

RSM Reporting - Issue 26

29 January 2016
As we enter into the second decade of IFRS in Europe, in this issue we reflect on the lessons learnt from the past and on what we should look forward to in the next decade. Our guest contributor, Dr Nigel Sleigh-Johnson, Head of the Financial Reporting Faculty at ICAEW, shared with us his insightful views, providing a start to the New Year under the best auspices of a promising new decade of IFRS.

Speed is key for global logistics company

5 October 2015
Case study details   Client: One of the largest providers of warehousing services in the United States, which has 32m sq. feet of warehousing Sector: 3PL (third-party logistics) Requirement: Accounting assistance, audit & tax work

Global manufacturer relies on trusted relationships

5 October 2015
Case study details   Client: A global manufacturer and distributor, with over 55,000 products Sector: Biomedical and life sciences Requirement: Statutory audit, tax compliance and advisory. Region: Asia Pacific and North America

Issue 34 - IFRS News In Brief

31 January 2014
This thirty-fourth edition features: Publications & Announcements Interim guidance issued on rate-regulated activities Post-implementation review of IFRS 3 open for comment until 30 May 2014 International Accounting Standards Boards - Latest Decisions Summary

Issue 33 - IFRS News In Brief

31 December 2013
This thirty-third edition features: Publications & Announcements

Issue 32 - IFRS News In Brief

30 November 2013
This thirty-second edition features: Publications & Announcements