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Finding opportunity in change

Risk and resilience – top tips for business scenario planning

4 August 2020
As many countries begin to emerge from the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for businesses to plan ahead and prepare for a possible second wave, says Matthew Humphrey of RSM UK.

Learning and development in the new normal - A guide to remote workshops

9 July 2020
Unstructured and unfacilitated virtual workshops can lead to a lack of innovation that, in this new normal, is increasingly crucial to business success. In this article, Brand and Innovation Manager for RSM Romania, Andreea Nitoi explains what makes for effective remote facilitation.

Great minds don’t think alike

1 July 2020
“If you want sparks you’ll need a little friction. And that means somehow orchestrating minds that have very little in common.” In this article, Jason Clarke discusses how leveraging  diversity of thought can lead to more innovation and success for your business.

Getting ahead in the new world of work

3 January 2019
Keeping up with the fast pace of change: six tips to stay ahead of the game. By Ian Sanders   

Timing Disruption: The Stepping Stone Strategy

13 July 2018
The stepping stone metaphor is deliberate – what you are looking for is a market that is perhaps not your ultimate target market, but rather allows you to take a step toward that market, building acceptance and an ecosystem along the way.