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NAFTA, Brexit and the future of the middle market

8 December 2017
Middle market businesses need to prepare for the shifts of international commerce. At the same time the US President is seeking to change NAFTA, the UK is seeking to exit the largest trading bloc in the world, the European Union. The threat of renegotiated trade deals brings a risk of increased tariffs on exports and stricter regulations.

Prospects for a UK-US free trade agreement

9 May 2017
The scope for a tariff-reducing Free Trade Agreement between the UK and US is narrower than that of FTAs with emerging markets like India, as average WTO-bound tariffs in the two countries are already low. Moreover, nearly half of imports to the United States enter the country duty-free. Similarly, British trade negotiators face limited scope for preferential FTAs with other non-European developed economies like Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Accordingly, the foremost benefits of a post-Brexit FTA between the UK and US and other developed countries would emanate from reductions of Non-Tariff Barriers.

Possible UK-EU free trade agreement models

9 May 2017
Compounding anxieties about the foreign trade effects of Brexit, Britain’s international business community voices growing uncertainty over the modality of a post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU.

Trade implications of a hard Brexit

9 May 2017
The United Kingdom thus faces the prospect of a “hard Brexit”, departing the European Union in 2019 without a Free Trade Agreement in place. In that scenario, trade relations between the EU and UK would revert to their mutual membership in the World Trade Organisation, bound by the MFN (Most Favoured Nation) tariff schedules and dispute resolution procedures of that multilateral organisation.

Invocation of Article 50

9 May 2017
On March 29, 2017, British Prime Minister Theresa May signed a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty formalising the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. May’s letter (issued 9months after the Brexit referendum) triggers a two-year negotiation between Brussels and London over the terms and conditions of the UK's exit. 

EU toughens stance on middle size enterprises

28 March 2017
Ken Almand, Head of Transfer Pricing at RSM UK, looks at plans by the EU to impose stricter country-by-country reporting requirements for multinational enterprises operating in the EU, with big implications for the middle market.

Changing cyber security regulation: How does it impact middle market businesses?

10 March 2017
Cyber risk is an ever evolving threat for 21st century business and as such, is a top of mind issue for today’s business leaders. A cyber security breach can have huge legal and financial ramifications for any business. High profile cyber-attacks are on the rise and governments are increasingly cracking down on cyber criminals. 

Cyber risks: How middle market businesses can protect themselves and their customers

1 March 2017
Middle market businesses are often at risk of the same scams and cyber attacks that affect individuals, and should take steps to protect themselves. The cost of a security breach can be huge, not to mention the reputational damage a high-profile breach can cause.

Big data and the middle market

13 December 2016
This article explores the use of Big Data by middle market businesses, whose adoption of these new technologies lags behind that of other sectors of the international business community. 

The Global Real Economy - TPP, Brexit and Ireland

8 November 2016
The third edition of the RSM's Global Real Economy, with insight on the Trans Pacific Treaty, Brexit and it's effect on different industries, and the Rep. of Ireland's 2017 budget and how it relates to multinational companies.

China’s blossoming middle class presents fruitful opportunities for the middle market

2 November 2016
China is home to a thriving community of mega businesses, but it also offers opportunities to foreign middle market companies that are looking to expand their footprint or launch in new markets. As a network we pride ourselves on having the local knowledge our clients need to succeed and a growing number of these clients see their future in China.

The challenges of China

28 October 2016
An article by David Bartlett, RSM's Economic Adviser. Foreign middle market businesses surveying the Chinese market in 2016 will encounter a more challenging environment than the one multinational corporations faced during the early years of China’s global economic opening.

Cyber risk in the leisure and hospitality sector

28 June 2016
Cyber crimes are growing on a global scale and the leisure and hospitality sector is not immune to this. There are particular, and very real threats to consider. Large customer databases and high transaction volumes present across the sector make data particularly attractive to criminals.