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Rebuilding the Global Economy

5 October 2015
Insights from an international comparative study of business ‘birth’ and ‘death’ rates.

Europe’s business leaders deliver their verdict on “Brexit”

13 April 2015
As Europe’s largest business competition, the European Business Awards ensures it has its finger on the pulse of the issues impacting business across Europe.

Turkey: business birth along the Bosphorus

9 July 2014
A recent article in the Financial Times alluded to the ‘careful navigation’ that international commentators need to have when discussing the Bosphorus nation due to its conflicting geographic, economic and cultural conditions, which can catch observers ou

Issue 27 - IFRS News In Brief

31 May 2013
This twenty-seventh edition features: Publications & Announcements

Issue 26 - IFRS News In Brief

30 April 2013
This twenty-sixth edition features: Publications & Announcements

Issue 25 - IFRS News In Brief

21 March 2013
This twenty-fifth edition features: Publications & Announcements

Issue 11 - RSM Reporting

1 March 2012
This eleventh edition features:

Small and Medium Enterprises in the Global Economy

1 March 2011
Small and medium enterprises, which played a crucial role in job creation and economic growth in the early and mid-2000s, incurred major setbacks during the Great Recession. In the European Union, SME employment fell by over three million jobs in 2009-10.