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Technology and digital transformation

Embracing the world of virtual conferences

27 July 2020
As a professional services organisation, the lifeblood of our business is building strong relationships, collaborating, and sharing of ideas and insight – both within RSM and ultimately with the middle market businesses we support.

Saving time and money through managed IT services

25 June 2020
As businesses move from reacting to the pandemic to focusing on building operational resilience, having a proactive and consistent technology strategy in place is an important component. Smart choices in how your organisation delivers technology services can have a dramatic impact in improving the reliability and efficiency of business processes, as John Harder explains.

When it comes to IT, upgrading your security doesn’t have to break the bank.

17 June 2020
The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the cracks in business systems in dire need of updates and upgrades. And while these updates require some investment of money and management time, the truth is that they could actually protect your business from even further catastrophe.

For businesses adjusting to a new normal, digital transformation is the way forward

4 June 2020
When the quarantine first began, most companies were caught off guard. The immediate need was to set up a remote workforce, with some organisations handling this transition better than others. This was quickly followed by the need to stabilise cash flow to make sure more money was coming in, than going out - no small task during a global economic downturn.

Fighting cybercrime during mass remote working

21 May 2020
It is not hyperbole to say that the Covid-19 quarantine era is one of the most stressful and uncertain times in recent history.