About us

RSM Taiwan is a member of RSM International, a powerful network of audit, tax and consulting experts  driven by a common vision.

Our Philosophy

We commit to integrate global expertise resources, deliver superior-quality services and help our clients to reach their targets. Our professional knowledge, experience, and independence with earnest make our commitment solid.

We also focus on the continuous professional training of our partners and staff to maintain and improve our capability of providing reliable, superior-quality and cost-efficient services.

History and Background

  • 1950 - 1988
    CPA Lang–Kuang Chiu founded Kwang-Hsing & Co., CPAs in 1950. As a director of the Board of Taiwan CPA Association over 10 years, Mr, Chiu pioneered professionalism in CPA practice. CPA Jim D.F Liou founded I-Ching & Co., CPAs in 1977. Mr. Liou specialized in tax planning and consultation. These two firms merged to form Kwang-I & Co., CPAs in 1988 to provide a complete range of quality services.
  • 1995
    To meet the need of global services to our clients, we joined RSM International in 1995. We share experience and knowledge among members and deliver professional, innovative and value added services to our clients wherever their business take Co., CPAs after more partners join the practice.
  • 2015
    Kwang-I Earnest & Co., CPAs has rebranded to ‘RSM’ and adopted a new visual identity alongside fellow members of its international network. RSM International, the world’s largest audit, tax and consulting network, adopts ‘RSM’ as its united global brand name in over 110 countries worldwide.
  • Present
    We now have 5 offices located at Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Yunlin and Kaohsiung consisting of over 100 dedicated professionals in Taiwan.