By Sureeporn Thumvachiraporn

Recruitment of decent candidates is arguably the most important function of any HR department in this day and age of technology. The HR recruitment officer in any organization is usually the first person to screen potential candidates which ultimately leads to vacant positions being filled hopefully by qualified, experienced and good people. Here are some of the important steps that a HR recruitment officer should be aware of before interviewing applicants to for the purpose of filling important roles.

  • Posting detailed Job advertisements

The HR recruitment officer should ensure that the job description provided in the job advertisements are clear, easy to understand, and provide enough detail about the vacancies. Good job advertisements will assist job seekers to better understand role requirements allowing them to make the correct decision as to whether to apply or not for advertised position.

  • Know your vacancies and know your candidate

HR Recruitment officers should have an in-depth understanding of their organization’s vacant positions and their technical nature and consequently they should conduct in depth research prior to candidate interviews by reviewing their resumes thoroughly so that they can compose the correct questions to ask about their experiences and qualifications. An interview, in general, will take approximately 1 hour. During the interview the HR recruitment officer should collect as much information as possible about the applicants encompassing hard skills, soft skills, values, attitude and personality.

  • Provide clear information about position to be filled

The HR recruitment officer should start the interview conversation by providing the candidate with clear information about the position, job responsibilities and organization structure. The position details raised in this interview conversation should be the key information that applicants must consider when making decisions whether they are the correct persons for the vacant roles should they be lucky enough to receive a job offer. It is important to realize that If the information is incomplete or unclear, it may lead to wrong decisions and cause future problems.

  • Plan B candidate

It is always wise to have 2-3 alternate candidate choices just in case the first selected candidate turns down the job offered.  Consequently, the HR recruitment officer can better maintain smoothness of the recruitment process and, of course the line manager’s satisfaction.

  • Give right information at the right time

When a job offer is officially made to a selected candidate, the HR recruitment officer should provide all the necessary information to the new employee for example compensation & benefits, standard welfare and organization’s rules they will need to follow. Giving good information at the right time will show that the organization does value the candidate’s job acceptance. These tips and valuable pieces of information also make candidates feel welcome which is perfect for starting a new job.

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