Photograph or no photograph on your resume? Great question but no correct answer!

By Sureeporn Thumvachiraporn

Many job seekers are unable to decide categorically what the correct protocol is in so far as including a photograph of themselves or not on their resume applications for new positions. There is definitely not a correct or incorrect answer to this dilemna, but many job seekers avoid attaching photographs of themselves on their resumes as they consider that there may be a possibility of potential employers or recruiters discriminating against them for whatever reason(s). I have included below what I consider to be some best practices for resume preparation to apply for a new job.

Traditional resume style preparation may suggest that job seekers should avoid including photographs of themselves in their resumes. However, many employers when advertising for job applicants require their photographs, especially if that position depends upon a specific appearance for example actors, models or a career requiring a certain type of “look”. Certain companies prefer photographs on resumes, although new start up or innovative companies may not see this as an important requirement. The hiring manager/ recruiter can also search up an image by viewing profiles from social platforms that have become more available in recent times. The organisation you are applying to may help you decide whether to include a photograph or not.

If you decide to apply to new modern, innovative or technology companies, posting your photograph may be detrimental to your resume and get your resume rejected. These companies may prefer creativity, nice designs and neat resumes.

How to select the best photographs for your resume: if you decide to include an image

Professional positions with proper dress/suits may be the best option for most careers. If you are applying to trendy/new start-up companies you may wear smart casual, which reflects your personality but keeps a professional appearance. Don’t use front-facing camera photos on your resume. Include a color photo with good quality and ideally passport size. Placing a photo on the upper right-hand corner is a common practice.

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