IT IS AN OLD adage that a business’ most valuable assets are its people. This is probably truer today than it has ever been. So have you got the right people? Are they motivated? Do they know what they are doing? Do they know how to do it? Do you have the right physical environment conducive to success?

 Here are some of the thoughts that will apply equally to many businesses in many industries:

 The right people

 It is better to hire on attitude than skills. Are new team members properly inducted? Consider shadowing by one or more existing team members. Just because someone has done the same job in a different business doesn’t mean they know how to do it your way in your business.

 To attract better quality people, pay above average salaries which will in turn attract above average clients and customers!

Are they motivated?

Some of the factors that were named as strong motivators are as follows:

· The ability to work flexible hours so life and work can fit together easily;

· Recognition for a job well done – from both clients and internally;

· Being part of a great team – and knowing their team mates personally as well as just at work;

· A challenge – a bit of pressure was seen as a motivator, and even a lot of pressure was quite motivating although not necessarily enjoyable!

· Learning. Is there a win: win situation, with the team learning new skills along the way?

· Working for a firm whose values they respect;

· Fun. Do you have a budget for fun? How about say a budget of $500 per month that has to be used in the month and doesn’t roll over?

· Money, of course.

 Do they know what they are doing?

 Are goals and expectations clear? Do you have systems and procedures that people can refer to instead of having to ask or just muddle through?

 Do you invest enough in training? Ask the team what they need. How about training that isn’t necessarily technical. Most businesses are in the “people business” to a certain extent so how about communication skills? Sales training for non-sales people? Writing skills?

 Do you have the right physical environment conducive to success?

 Here are some thoughts:

· Good storage and a lack of clutter was a big one. Everyone likes a nice clear organised environment;

· Festive decorations at Christmas;

· A cappuccino machine;

· A lick of paint and some new pictures around the office.

People don’t stay in jobs as long as they once did, so it’s more important than ever to have the right people motivated and doing the right work for the time they are with you.

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