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Risk Management

Protect your assets, reputation and future success.

Organisations face a wide range of risks that may jeopardise their ability to achieve their objectives. The consequences of inadequate or failed internal processes, and systems or of unforeseen external events should not be underestimated and can have a devastating effect on a business. It is a business necessity to put in place frameworks, processes and controls and to provide training to manage risk in order to minimise the occurrence and effects of events and threats faced by an organisation.

RSM Thailand has a comprehensive range of risk management services designed to bring a new perspective to complicated issues within organisations, including Consulting and Corporate governance.

“The demand for risk management services is increasing at   a rapid rate across Asia Pacific as organisations realise how positive risk management can add value and help create a performance culture.”



  • Improve the identification of opportunities and threats
  • Further develop the governance and control frameworks within a business
  • Help organisations operate efficiently and contribute to improved performance
  • Aid decision making and planning by accounting for uncertainty and assessing actions that may or may not be taken

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