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Günümüzde orta ölçekli şirketler, her ölçekten girişim sermayesinin hedefi olmaya devam etmektedir. Uluslararası girişim sermayesi hizmetlerimiz müşterilerimize artı değer katmaktadır ve istenilen her konuda duruma özel yaklaşımlar tasarlayarak müşterilerimize hizmet sunmaktayız.

The Road to Recovery

5 October 2015
Insights from an international comparative study of business ‘birth’ and ‘death’ rates.  

Issue 24 - RSM Reporting

25 July 2015
This edition features: Françoise Flores, EFRAG TEG Chairman and CEO The growing demand for stakeholders’ direct and active participation in the IFRS standard setting process. Our experts in... the UK Deferred Tax – Where is it going?

Building your career? Consider Chile.

21 August 2013
Guest post by Bob Burdett, RSM's Regional Leader for Latin America If you were starting out as a young and eager business professional in Latin America today where would you want to locate? My first choice would be Santiago, Chile, and sometimes I wish that I was a lot younger so that I could try my chances there.

Productivity Growth in the Developed Economies

1 March 2013
RSM International’s “Prospects for the World Economy” (Talking Points, January 2013) offers a sober forecast for GDP growth in the advanced industrialized countries.

Private Equity in the Post-Crisis Period

1 September 2012
Private equity acquired an unfavourable public reputation during the years preceding the 2008 financial crash. Critics indicted private equity houses for overleveraging distressed companies, stripping their assets and generating huge returns at the expense of company employees.