Helping your business to get a grant of up to 30% of the Abu Dhabi Qualifying Production Expenditure ("ADQPE"). 

The Abu Dhabi Government has introduced an International Production Incentive Scheme ("Rebate") for eligible producers of feature films, televisions, commercials and other format screen productions. 

The Rebate provides a grant of up to 30% of the Abu Dhabi Qualifying Production Expenditure ("ADQPE") that an Applicant Company has spent on a production made in Abu Dhabi (which also includes post production). 

The Rebate will only be available to international productions accepted by the Abu Dhabi Film Commission ("ADFC") and is only available to companies.

 Audited Expenditure Statement 

To avail the benefits of the Rebate, the Companies are required to get an Audited Expenditure Statement from a qualified auditor approved by ADFC. 

At RSM Dahman, we conduct an audit of your expenditure statement in accordance with the Rebate Guidelines issued by ADFC and International Standards of Auditing. 

Additionally we can help your business in a number of ways to avail this Rebate, such as : 

Eligibility criteria and application process - Working together, we will assist you in the preparation of application forms and in identifying the eligibility criteria for the applicant. 

ADQPE estimates and budget - Our experienced professionals can assist you in the preparation of ADQPE budget, if required in the initial stages. 

Interim and Final certificate - We can help you in obtaining both the Interim and Final certificates. 

We are committed to providing you specialized advice to help you navigate the complexities you may face, understand challenges and provide workable options.