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3 April 2019
Ansoff Growth Matrix is a strategic tool that forms a basis for many companies when considering growth strategies. BY PALAK TEWARY The model is based on two axes: products and markets and suggests four growth strategies, namely: Market penetration...
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23 April 2019
Personal Yearly Reflection and Annual Planner developed by Ashif Kassam Download here  
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9 May 2019
Personal data is valuable on the ‘black market’ but is also sold legitimately. Obtaining data such as contact details and personal details helps companies market their products to the right people. Sensitive data, such as your race, religion,...
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15 May 2019
Here are some simple things that businesses can do to mitigate the risk of a cyber attack: Breach readiness preparation It is important to get your incident response capabilities prepared for the ‘when’, not ‘if’ Governance Ensure that the...
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22 May 2019
Outsourcing is a common practice of contracting out business functions and processes to third-party providers. There is an increased trend globally to outsource the back office services and the key one a number of companies look into are the...
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28 May 2019
When was the online registration system introduced? Kenya On 15th October 2017 the Registrar of Companies gave a directive that all registered companies be set up on E-Citizen platform as a way of migrating services from manual to online. The...
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14 June 2019
Download Budget highlights 2019/20 for: Kenya Tanzania Uganda
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27 June 2019
Properly managing awarded funding is as important as winning a grant. It is therefore imperative to have the necessary financial controls in place to adhere to the terms of the grant. Non-profit (NFP) organisations are driven to solve many problems...
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27 September 2019
  A Chart of Accounts (COA) refers to the listing of every account in an accounting system – it organises the list for each records type i.e. assets, liabilities, equity, income, cost of sales and expenses. This is then incorporated into the...
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