9 November 2021
Uruguay has significantly strengthened its accounting and  auditing environment in recent years and efforts are being made  to converge to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Uruguay was one of the first Latin American countries to...
5 November 2021
Uruguay offers clear competitive advantages to the investor,  including a privileged geographic location and a suitable and  rapidly developing support infrastructure for passengers and  merchandise transport by sea, air and land. 
17 July 2020
Given the Covid-19 situation all around the world, RSM Latin America provides you a summary of the most important measures taken by the governments of the Americas to respond to the impact of the pandemic in the region.
15 December 2017
Bernardo Vitale
Select Magazine | December, 2017 What is happening today and what can be expected from their future behavior? Background
31 July 2017
This guide has been prepared to assist those interested in doing business in Uruguay. It does not cover exhaustively all the subjects considered, but it intends to reach the most relevant ones and to answer important questions that may arise.