Corporate governance advisory

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In today’s political and business environment, there is increasing focus on governance, risk management, and control. Strong governance systems are needed to better ensure that organizations will meet their objectives and stakeholder expectations. Stakeholders, include regulators, expect boards and management to accept responsibility and implement appropriate governance practices. The board is the focal point for governance practices and in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities will look to the internal audit activity to provide it with assessments on the organization’s governance practices.

Our core competencies

At RSM Vietnam, we developed corporate governance advisory services that are relevant and focused on our client’s needs and business nature regardless of industry, size and complexity of the business. Our advisory services help client in establishing effective and efficient governing structure, strengthening existing governing documents and processes, and help client in benchmarking their governance structure against best practice framework which appropriate with client’s business.

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The Board of Directors’ Control Self-Assessment (CSA)

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A well-functioning Board of Directors represents a significant resource for the organization, and naturally also for the owners. Many international guidelines for corporate governance recommend that the board conducts an annual self-assessment. It is recommended to use an external party to facilitate this self-assessment.

We can help you with

  • Facilitate anonymous completion of questionnaires tailored to the organization
  • Analyze the responses and collate comments in to a report. This will include the findings as well as our recommendations for improvements
  • Present the report to the chairman ahead of the board meeting
  • Present the report to the board

Our advisors who have deep knowledge in CSA can assist you. The questionnaire will be tailored to your organization, to create a value-adding analysis about the composition of the Board, the owners expectation and planning, communication within the board, the chairman as well as whether each board member feel that they are able to utilize their potential.

Professionalizing the Board of Directors’ work

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  • Your organization needs to develop structures that deal with roles and responsibilities between owners, the board of directors, management and other stakeholders.
  • Your organization’s the Board of Directors would like to professionalize their work to better fulfil its responsibilities.

We can help you with

  • Training/seminars for the board of directors or its committees.
  • Evaluation of the Board of Directors’ work, as well as that of the audit committee.
  • Assistance with comparing existing governing documents and processes for the board of director's work against best practice, to identify further areas for improvement.
  • Be a discussion partner for the Board in their work.

Assisting to establish and maintain the governing structure

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  • Your organization is growing and has reached the point where it needs to strengthen and formalize the structures related to overall governance and control.
  • The organization has great breadth and complexity in their business and recognizes the value of enhancing the corporate governance model through clearer guidelines in high-risk areas, and areas where the group sees benefits from harmonization across its constituent companies
  • Your organization need for tighter control in the high risk areas.

We can help you with

RSM Vietnam can help you in developing the necessary governance structure to strengthen the business by:

  • Strengthen the governance structure linked to selected risk areas.
  • Evaluation of the company's governance system against best practice and in relation to the company's main risk areas and goals.
  •  Development of annual processes with role and responsibility allocation to ensure continued maintenance and development of the governance system.

(Examples of governance structures that can be developed are ethical guidelines, authorization matrixes, and policy documents)