MoIT to streamline hundreds of regulations

The Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to streamline 464 to 612 conditions for establishing new businesses, equivalent to some 38.15 to 50.3 per cent of the total business conditions.

This was the information released by Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh at a meeting late last week.

Specifically, the ministry’s administrative reform team together with representatives of departments submitted a report to the minister on reviewing and simplifying business conditions, proposing a roadmap to reduce business procedures and conditions, as well as specific monitoring options.

Accordingly, the working group proposed two options.

First, the working group proposed to cut 464 conditions, equivalent to 38.15 per cent of total business conditions. In particular, 180 of 350 conditions for the food business sector were recommended to be cut.

Second, it suggested 612 conditions be removed, equivalent to 50.3 per cent, from total 17 sectors. In particular, the food business sector would see 331 out of 350 business conditions eliminated.

The 17 business sectors for which procedures to set up businesses would be simplified include petrol, gas, chemicals and alcohol, as well as cigarettes, food, electricity and franchising; along with logistics, commercial inspection, multilevel-marketing and e-commerce.

Therefore, after reduction, total remaining conditions are 752 if option one is chosen and 604 conditions if option two is applied.

As for the food business sector, Nguyen Sinh Nhat Tan, director of the ministry’s Legislation Department, said option one was proposed based on the current regulations of the Food Safety Law 2010, thus there would not be many changes.

However, if option two was implemented, it would be very time-consuming, as in this case, it would be necessary to regulate standards for different types of food businesses, which would be foundations for business performance examination and supervision.

Minister Anh requested that authorities evaluate the impact of the simplification of administrative procedures on business operations and the people.

"The results of this review will show us that efforts to remove business conditions are indeed on the right path, necessary and helpful in tackling difficulties for businesses,” minister Anh emphasised.

The reduction of business conditions and the removal of difficulties for enterprises would be a key task throughout the process of administrative reform, the improvement of the institution and the creation of a transparent investment environment, he added.

At the meeting, the minister asked departments to continue reviewing other regulations and business conditions for removal and report back to him on September 21 for a final decision.

Earlier, the Government required ministries to review business conditions following market mechanisms of OECD and proposed that those hindering competitiveness be removed.

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