Regulations on pilot casino permission for Vietnamese people

On 16 January 2017, the Government issued Decree No.03/2017/ND-CP on the Casino Business ("Decree 03").

Question: What are the pilot permission regulations for Vietnamese citizens to play in casinos?

Answer: Decree 03 regulates pilot permission for Vietnamese citizens to play in casinos.

As part of a pilot plan, Decree 03 permits Vietnamese citizens to play at casino inclusive entertainment complexes.

The timeframe for this pilot plan is three years as from the date when the first casino operating enterprise allows Vietnamese players.

In order to be permitted to play in a casino, Vietnamese individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • be at least 21 year olds and have full civil capacity in accordance with Vietnamese law;
  • evidenced financial capacity including a constant income of at least VND10 million per month, or being subject to at least grade-3 income tax as prescribed in the Law on personal income tax;
  • buy a gambling ticket to play in a casino at the price of VND1 million per 24 consecutive hours, per person, or VND25 million per month, per person;
  • not being a person whose parent, adoptive parent, spouse or natural child who has full civil act capacity, or himself/herself requests the casino-operating enterprise to prevent him/her from playing games at the casino
  • only using Vietnamese Dong in the course of playing and exchanging for casino chips.

Decree 03 officially takes effect as from March 15, 2017.


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