Risk management

Your concerns

Where there are objectives - intended or desirable outcomes - there are risks. Success is never 100 percent guaranteed and new opportunities can occur unexpectedly. In short, the future is inherently uncertain. Risks and opportunities arise out of uncertainty in both everyday life and organizational endeavor. There is no guarantee even that the future will be like the past. Unless the board and management fully understand the level of risk that the organization is willing and able to take in pursuit of value creation, it will be difficult for the board and management to effectively fulfil their roles.

Our core competencies

At RSM Vietnam, to address this growing web of issues, we developed Internal Control and Risk Management services that can assist your organization reliably achieve objectives while addressing uncertainty and acting with ethics & integrity by improving business processes, operational efficiencies and enhancing corporate governance. Our experts will work closely with you to tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, focusing on areas of increased risk, addressing the entire spectrum of emerging risk and effective compliance framework. Our works will be designed to add value and offer the potential to improve your operational effectiveness and efficiency whilst maintaining a cost effective internal control systems.

Our scope of work will involve an assessment of Applicant’s overall risk management and internal controls system, includes a review on key accounting and management functions.

In relation to this, we will also examine the adequacy of controls and their associated resources which include policies and procedures, control environment, organizational structure, communication and information system and its monitoring activities.

Our services

RSM Vietnam’s methodology for risk management is based on the Risk Management Standards (ISO 31000) and flexibly adapted to meet your organization’s specific needs. Our risk management services are varied, including:

  • Establishment of Enterprise Risk Management function.
  • Support for improvements of existing risk management framework.
  • Provide independent assessment of risk management function.
  • Facilitate the identification of your business’s top critical risks.
  • Provide risk workshop and awareness session.