Business process solutions & outsourcing

Your concerns

  • You want to keep up-to-date on developments in domestic and international financial reporting
  • You made an acquisition and need to harmonize your accounting policies
  • You are already familiar with your national IFRS, but need to understand how VAS  is compared
  • You need accounting assistance and financial statements preparation for your local entity and the same for group reporting
  • You have a small finance function and would appreciate support from financial reporting specialists
  • You have a difficult technical accounting issue that you cannot solve In-house
  • You want to outsource the full accounting function
  • You need the reliable and comprehensive accounting training for your staff
  • You need labour recruitment or outsourcing services
  • You need assistance in global staff mobilization
  • You need labour compliance services
  • You need professional services to optimize labour costs, advise HR strategy

Our core competencies

  • The most critical factor of our success is our personnel. Well equipped with professional competence, activity, creativity, complete convergence of the professional and ethical qualities, an ability to catch opportunities; and a good sense of interpreting and comprehending clients' needs, we are sure to meet the clients' highest expectations with innovative services.
  • Ideally staffed by a fine selection of most talented and brilliant professionals from Vietnam's growing audit industry, we commit to provide high quality. We take true pride in these personnel for their competence and experience, which are cumulatively improving thanks among other things to the perpetual training by local governmental authorities, international organizations, and our training center itself. In addition to technical training, we invest extensively in business and management trainings for our service teams.
  • As RSM Vietnam understands that the accounting and HR functions are very important to client business, we provide business process solutions and outsourcing services as top priority to meet clients need for their desired effectiveness. With our personnel's expertise and knowledge of accounting and HR practices in Vietnam, we provide flexible accounting and HR solutions to clients in different sizes in order to assist clients in focusing to achieve their desired business strategy.
  • To meet the demand of integrating of the economy and to update the innovations in the accounting  and HR activities of Vietnam, RSM Vietnam has applied up-to-date technologies, approaches and methodologies of Vietnam and the world when providing the accounting and HR services for the clients to ensure that the services get the best quality.

Our services

  • Consolidating and preparing of financial statements or management accounting reports
  • Reviewing the accounting process
  • Designing, implementing and supporting the accounting system
  • Providing the accounting staff and chief accountant
  • Consulting the cost accounting system
  • Consulting the accounting system
  • Providing bookkeeping services
  • Providing the in-house accounting training (including financial and management accounting)
  • Providing recruitment and labour outsourcing services
  • Assisting in global staff mobilization
  • Advising  labour compliance
  • Advising labour cost structuring
  • Advising human resource strategy


How can we help you?

Contact us by phone +84 28 3827 5026 (HCMC office) / +84 24 3795 5353 (Hanoi office) or submit your questions, comments, or proposal requests.

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