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February 2019 - Hong Kong Budget 2019/20

January 2019 - China's amended IIT Law implementation regulations - areas for clarification

October 2018 - Draft rules for implementation of the PRC's amended IIT Law

October 2018 - Application of Residence Permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Residents

August 2018 - Impact of Trade Disputes between China and US

August 2018 - The New Transfer Pricing Rules Passed in Hong Kong

July 2018 - Revised PRC IIT Law (Discussion Draft)

July 2018 - Recording R&D Costs Appropriately for Different Tax Incentives in China

May 2018 - Transfer Pricing Legislation Updates

April 2018 - New Guidance for the Determination of "Beneficial Owner" in the Context of PRC Double Tax Agreements

March 2018 - Latest Development of Transfer Pricing in Hong Kong

February 2018 - Hong Kong Budget 2018/19

January 2018 - China Issued New Guidance on the Administration of Withholding Corporate Income Tax

November 2017 - Hong Kong's New Directions on Taxation for Forstering Economic Development

October 2017 - Recent Development of Implementation of AEOI/CRS and BEPS in Hong Kong

September 2017 - Tax Reform Plan of te United States

April 2017 - Recent Development in Hong Kong for Enhancement of Transparency

March 2017 - Recent Development on Foreign Exchange Administration in the PRC

February 2017 - Hong Kong Budget 2017-18

October 2016 - Interpretation of the Inland Revenue Department on the New Law for Corporate Treasury Centre

September 2016 - The Implementation of BEPS and CRS/AEOI in Hong Kong

August 2016 - New Transfer Pricing Contemporaneous Documentation Requirements in China

July 2016 - New Practice Note on Profits Tax Exemption for Offshore Private Equity Funds

May 2016 - Asia and the Pacific Tax Development at a Glance

April 2016 - Recent Development on CRS / AEOI and CBC Reporting

March 2016 - VAT Reform Program

February 2016 - Hong Kong Budget – 2016/17 

January 2016 - China Refines RD Super deduction Policy

December 2015 - Corporate Treasury Centres



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