Inside Monthly Tax Update: March 2023, we will cover the following updates:

  1. Revised guidelines on Real Property Gains Tax (“RPGT”)
  2. Update on withholding tax (“WHT”) in relation to qualifying payments made to agents, dealers or distributors (“ADD”)
  3. Media release on movement restriction due to outstanding tax payable
  4. New Double Taxation Agreement (“DTA”) between Malaysia and Poland
  5. Guidelines on transition of Multimedia Super Corridor (“MSC”) Malaysia Status Company to Malaysia Digital (“MD”) Status
  6. Remission of penalties and surcharges by Royal Malaysian Customs Department (“RMCD”)
  7. Updates on Service Tax on Digital System (“SToDS”) and implementation of Sales Tax on Low Value Goods (“LVG”)
  8. Prescribed forms to be used under the Customs Act 1967 (“CA”), Excise Act 1976 (“EA”) and Windfall Profit Levy Act 1998 (“WPLA”)
  9. Change in RMCD name for the purpose of payments via cheque or bank drafts
  10. Foreign Tourist who makes an online booking of accommodation premise in Malaysia via a Registered Digital Platform Service Provider
  11. Draft Service Tax Guide on Goods Delivery Services
  12. Highlights of key tax changes based on the Finance Bill 2023