RSM World Day 2019: The Bigger Picture: KL City Race

This year our theme is “The Bigger Picture” to remind us all that we should always take a step back and look at the bigger vision of things as we work towards RSM’s united mission and brand promise. It is extremely important that we grow together and that can only happen if we collaborate and synergize our strengths and talents to bring better results.

RSM Malaysia paused a moment from their busy working lives to focus on… The bigger picture –The KL City Race. We travelled around KL City Area to explore the beauty of KL using different modes of transportation such as LRTs/MRTs/Monorail, bus, taxi, e-Hailing as well as on foot. This race encourages teams to compete at various checkpoints interspersed with physical & mental efforts, cultural engagement & contribution to the community to attain their clues to the final checkpoint.

This year we also focus on environmental awareness and education. Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur is an environmental organisation that spreads the environmental stewardship message by giving away trees for free to green our Earth. We enjoyed a truly unique session at the Taman Tugu Nursery Park by Free Tree Society,  where we participated in hands-on planting activities, such as composting, propagating, nursery management and landscaping.

In the RSM World Day, our staff are able to spend time together in learning to work as a team by using their core competencies to lead, participate and engage collectively to find solutions and create the bigger picture. It was a wonderful day! A wonderful success!



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