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Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

  • Debenture appointed receiverships
  • Court appointed liquidations and receiverships
  • Voluntary liquidations
  • Forensic accounting
  • Monitoring accountants
  • Formal and informal schemes of arrangements
  • Valuations
  • Special managers

We employ innovative, practical and cost efficient solutions to address your distressed situations. We understand that managing a business in a time of crisis can be overwhelming. We will assist you to restructure your debts/finances while leaving you to concentrate on the running and the re-building of your business.

Corporate recovery & Insolvency in Malaysia
The beginning of business failure starts many times with financial difficulties and this does not happen only in a recession.

We frequently work closely with lenders and their legal advisers to provide strategic and technical advice based on our experience in the relevant situation, in the period leading up to insolvency, and the collection of debts in difficult circumstances.

In carrying our restructurings, we establish the key parameters that encompass creditor compromises, the rescheduling of liabilities and formal arrangements. Often we perform a diagnostic review of the affairs of the company to ascertain the extent of the problems, with a review of the legal documents of key creditors to determine their entitlement and priorities.

Our work helps to appraise the financial position and future profitability of a company with focus on adequacy of the lenders’ security, the customer’s ability to meet its obligations and if necessary recommend any restructuring and further action required. We will also provide monitoring services where continuance of obligations to the end customer takes place, which will include review of key operational factors and report on progress against set recovery or turnaround criteria.

For solicitors, our work goes further to handle the financial dimensions of their clients’ affairs in such areas as product liability claims, loss of royalties claims, partnership disputes, professional negligence, loss of profits, business interruption and similar insurance claims.

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