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Here at RSM Malaysia, we have a selection of tax services available to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for taxation advice about transfer pricing or you are seeking a tax specialist who can talk you through your field audit, we have a range of solutions that are designed to make sure you are compliant with the current requirements.

To ensure you reach the right consultant for your query, here is an overview of our services.   


Tax consulting

Income tax is a focal point for businesses and careful consideration of taxation can be beneficial for a corporation’s finances overall.

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering tax planning and other specialised services, our team of skilled tax consultants combine specialised local knowledge of Malaysian tax laws with global tax developments to offer in-depth advice and guidance.

There is an extensive list of services available, including targeted corporate tax advice and border tax planning, as well as application assistance for everything from sales tax refunds to stamp duty exemption. Find out more about our tax consulting services.


Corporate tax compliance

It is essential that taxpayers in Malaysia know how much they need to pay and that the right amount of payable tax is being measured accurately. With this in mind, our team of tax professionals offer a comprehensive service to help businesses to remain compliant and avoid penalties.

Our corporate tax compliance services include assisting with tax returns, applying for tax refunds, and claiming for incentives and deductions. To find out more, take a look at our corporate tax compliance section.


Field audits & investigations

Reducing the impact of penalties and tax exposure is possible with the right guidance. Our specialists provide support and advice for businesses that are due to be visited by the IRB.

With over 300 tax investigation and field audits carried out by our field audit tax specialists, companies that are due to have their taxes examined by the IRB are in safe hands.


Customs audits & investigations

For companies that regularly import and export goods, being informed about taxation regulations is crucial. To do this successfully, it is worth asking the experts.

Our tax unit at RSM Malaysia is dedicated to following updates to procedures and rules within the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. This, in turn, helps to deliver key advice and assistance around customs audits and investigations.


Expatriate employee tax

Relocating employees to different countries or across borders can have significant tax implications. This is largely because tax laws vary from place to place.

For organisations impacted by expatriate employee taxes, getting accurate advice from a team of specialists can help to alleviate concerns and aid tax planning. Our expatriate employee tax experts can help with everything from reviewing contracts to exploring reward schemes across the borders.    


Transfer pricing in Malaysia

Since 2014, income tax returns in Malaysia must confirm transfer pricing documentation in relation to third party transactions. Businesses must be aware of this, however getting expert advice before submitting each tax return can be beneficial in the long term.

We have a team of transfer pricing specialists that works with international tax specialists to provide the highest levels of service. Find out more about our transfer pricing in Malaysia.


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