RSM Azerbaijan

About us


As per our clients demands establish innovative responses and direct them in the right position.


To ensure the development of specialists and managers career who consolidate workforce with knowledge, have a self-confidence and professionals in business and support with the trainings in the professionalizing period of the companies. 


•    To collaborate with local and foreign companies 

•    To own pretentious and international competitiveness. 

•    To pay attention to all details of each sector where we are in. 

•    To increase the competitiveness of our company in sectors where we have teamwork

•    To continue our rivalry development in superior fields 

Who we are

• 43,000 experienced specialists who provide services in 810 offices in more than a hundred countries are one step close to us.

• The specialists who graduated from high-level universities of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Europe and are experienced specialists in their branches collaborate with us.

• We are in the co-operation with `RSM International` and `RSM Turkey`: 

To establish a more comfortable and closer cooperation with the companies in Turkey and Europe. 

To involve well-known specialists in highly requested projects.

To obtain efficient work experience in companies in Turkey and Europe.

To provide trainers’ visits to our country from abroad easily.

• Our aim is to offer you our highest level service. 

• Our purpose is to serve in our country based on international standards.

Our Client Service Standards

Our relationships and contacts with clients and other business people should always maintain the highest professional standards. Our approach, as well as our use of the client's facilities, should convey the high quality of our personnel, our service, and our competency.

To assist us in improving the quality of our service and strengthening our service relationships, RSM Academy has adopted the following ten Client Service Standards:

  • Determine, on each engagement, who our clients are and directly ascertain their expectations for our performance.
  • Analyze our clients’ needs and professional service requirements.
  • Develop client service objectives that will enable us to fulfill our professional responsibilities, satisfy our clients’ needs, and aim to exceed their expectations. Prepare an appropriate client service plan to achieve these client service objectives.
  • Execute the client service plan in a manner that has earned us our reputation for quality and endeavors to ensure that commitments are met, potential problems are anticipated, and surprises are avoided.
  • Establish effective communications, both internal and external, to enhance our clients’ recognition of the value and quality of our service.
  • Provide our clients with insights on the condition of their businesses and with meaningful suggestions for their improvement.
  • Continually broaden and strengthen our relationships with our clients to facilitate effective communication and enhance client confidence, while maintaining professional objectivity.
  • Ensure that any professional, technical, or client service problem is resolved promptly with timely consultation in an environment of mutual respect.
  • Obtain from our clients, either formally or informally, a regular assessment of our performance.
  • Receive fees that reflect the value of services provided and responsibilities assumed, and that is considered fair and reasonable
  • Our Client Service Team

    The quality of services provided depends upon the experience and commitment of the team members involved. We will carefully select individuals to carry out this engagement that we believe possess the skills and depth of experience in the sector, which will effectively and efficiently exceed your service needs while providing you with value-added advice.

    Our client service is based on maximizing candid, on-going communication with you and delivering responsive service that exceeds your expectations.

    We also listen to our clients and act responsively to your objectives. We ensured this by assigning a team of specialists with all fields in training and HR projects.