Vugar Hajili
HR Consulting & Training Partner

Office : RSM Azerbaijan
Service : Consulting
About Vugar

Mr. Hajili is a Consulting Partner in our Firm. He joined RSM in June 2013. Additionally Mr. Hajili held the position of HR Manager in a major Holding Company located in Azerbaijan since 2002 - 2015.

HR & Training Services

Mr. Hajili is experienced on major HR engagements in the following:

To establish and manage HR policy and HR management system.

Include in the objective HR system is: control system of application of admission to work, dismissal and replacing of position, preparing system of procedures and job descriptions, control system of application of procedures, preparing and approving system of annual training plan, staff list and vacation plan, preparing and approving system of monthly salary and bonus schedule etc.

To apply the activities of the companies in conformity with the labour legislation.

To establish and manage the objective labour division using HAY system.

This system is one of famous HR systems in the world. Companies and holdings can build and manage the objective labour division using HAY system. There are four main headings in HAY system analysis: Knowledge, Problem Solving, Accountability, Risk table. And there are sub headings under the main headings.

To build and manage ISO system. (ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000)

International Standards Organization - It forces to work according standards. There is the same reliability in each place on the world.

Mr. Hajili has benefited from firm-sponsored training courses, which have included specialised education in industry, HR, ISO and management. These courses have taken place in Turkey, Georgia and Dubai as well as in Azerbaijan.UU