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Corporate Secretarial Services

We deliver value to our clients through a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in dealing with Ministry of Commerce and Industry and various other regulatory authorities in Kuwait.


  • Our approach is client focused, based on our understanding of your objectives and issues facing you.
  • Based on our understanding our dedicated team provides you with tailor made solutions.
  • We insist on integrity and fairness in our business dealings with you.


Our corporate secretarial services include:

Share registrar

Our outsourced share registration services is designed to help management focus on their core business,

  • Maintaining an up-to-date share registrar, recording all changes in the share ownership,
  • Issue of share certificates,
  • Providing reports tailored to the individual requirements of management, containing analysis and summaries.

Managing subscription process

We provide advisory support in drafting subscription application and maintain registry for the receipt of funds during the IPO, on behalf of the promoter.


We provide advisory support in the liquidation process, which includes managing sale of assets and settlement of liabilities and coordinate with the related authority and General Assembly until the company is liquidated.

Merger & Acquisition

We provide advisory support to consummate M&A transaction, and manage the entire transaction from identifying documents required, coordination with related authority and obtaining approval from the General Assembly till the actual finalization of the transaction.

Corporate restructuring

We provide advisory support that may arise due to corporate restructuring, and may include:

  • Advising on consolidating W.L.L. companies under a single entity/corporate group company,
  • Advising on Divesting business under different legal entities under a holding company,
  • Advising on a suitable legal structure for the restructured entity,
  • Advising on structuring personal assets under separate legal entities with a holding company,
  • Advising on accounting issues which may arise as a result of consolidation or divestiture.

Assistance in General Assembly meetings

We assist in ensuring that your General Assembly (annual, ordinary, extra ordinary) is held in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Our services include:

  • Draft agenda for the General Assembly,
  • Seek MOCI’s approval,
  • Obtain appointment for the General Assembly,
  • Draft the invitation for General Assembly,
  • Draft the advertisement for the newspaper,
  • Attend the General Assembly,
  • Draft the minutes,
  • Submit the minutes to the Ministry, obtain approval.

Patent & Trademark registration

Filing application for registering patents & trademarks with the Trademark Control Department of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Other secretarial services

Review and amend Articles of Incorporation, for example, in a W.L.L. form of company admission and exit of a partner.

Review and advice on Article of Incorporation and Association of shareholding companies,


  • Expert advice from our professional staff at all times enabling you to,
  • Concentrate more on your business
  • Major cost saving to you as a result of outsourcing time consuming activities to us.

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