Family Business Services

In the Middle East, family businesses represent a significant portion of the business picture, ranging from small and medium-sized companies to larger corporations that contribute significantly towards the economic growth of the region. When family businesses expand from their entrepreneurial beginnings, countless challenges begin to arise – many that are difficult to overcome without past experience or expert consultation.

Where success is measured by the family’s ability to grow the business and keep the family united, it’s a crucial period for any organization. At RSM Albazie Consulting, we offer comprehensive expertise that we deliver through our extensive family business advisory services. For decades, we have been assisting family businesses to achieve their objectives via a variety of tailor-made services.

We understand the unique challenges faced by smaller businesses and have helped many families address these challenges through working closely with them. Our family business solutions are characterized by a holistic approach. We give equal consideration to business and family issues by balancing them against each other, with the focus being on creating a truly sustainable family business assistance program for your enterprise.

The key to our working style is partnership. We start by gathering a full and granular understanding of the unique challenges that your business is facing, before bringing on board experts from our global network to provide the precise consultancy support you require. We will work with you closely to propose family business solutions that answer your needs.

Our ethos within our family business services, and our wider financial advisory, is based around the value of long-term relationships. Family businesses are unique in their structure, thus each approach from our side is unique as well. The aim is to create sustainable growth for your business, but also facilitate for long-term collaboration between RSM and your enterprise. To create that foundation, our services have to be delivered to the highest standard, a standard which we have held ourselves to for the decades we’ve been involved in family business assistance.

We work all over the world in many market sectors, offering a comprehensive range of services. However, we still appreciate the value of the smaller family businesses that make up the core of Kuwait’s economy. If your business is looking to take that next step, contact us today to see if RSM’s family business advisory team can make a difference to your outlook.

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