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Decisions simplified, controls guaranteed

Organizations today operate within a complex environment, with a wide range of risks to address or manage. The risks might be either on account of internal factors, like inadequate processes, systems and people, or on account of external factors like volatile markets, degraded counterparties and so on.

Failure to control and manage such risks can have potentially devastating ramifications for an organization. With management of these risks as part of effective corporate governance becoming a necessity for modern organizations, the question many businesses are asking themselves is how effective is their current risk management strategy?

We understand just how critical effective risk consulting solutions are to business performance. Our risk consulting services are built to help you achieve your organizational objectives, regardless of the current economic situation your business finds itself in. Our teams have expansive knowledge of both established and emerging threats in your industry, offering assurance on matters ranging from cyber security to information governance.

Our advice is robust, reliable and simple, enabling you to press forward with absolute confidence in your decision making.


Our approach is pragmatic, timely and focused on the solutions at hand. We start by clarifying your business objectives and identifying the source of the problem. We then find the most practical solution, tailored specifically for you, and the barriers you currently face. Once we’ve established the issues facing you and proposed a suitable fix, we’ll also assist you in the implementation process.

  • Business Risk Consulting
    • Risk Management Strategy
    • Risk Management structure and responsibilities
    • Risk policies and procedures
    • Risk Mapping and prioritization
    • Risk Mitigation
    • Risk monitoring and reporting
  • Technology Risk Consulting
    • IT Governance
    • IT Security and Controls
    • Network Security Review
    • ERP / Application Controls Review
    • Hardware / Software Evaluation and Selection
    • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Internal Control Review

Managing risk needn’t be complex for your business. Our risk consulting advisory services are made to take the strain off your internal resources, allowing you to focus on the core principles and processes that really matter to your business.

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