An integral but often confusing part of modern business operation, tax regulations and requirements remain a major challenge for most organizations. The realm of tax is constantly changing, both on a global and domestic basis, and businesses can often find themselves burning through significant internal resources in order to keep up with the complexities of the latest regulations.

RSM’s tax advisory is a globally renowned service, able to take the reins on your business’ tax operation, offering you detailed and up-to-date tax solutions that carry both commercial and social relevance. Our seasoned tax professionals are committed to developing tailored tax solutions for your enterprise, utilizing RSM’s global network where necessary to support your goals.

Our experience in tax advisory ranges from helping newly formed and small business operations through to major corporates. We also offer a wealth of tax services, including corporate tax compliance advisory, income tax services, tax planning advice, tax registration services and consultation around both Arabic and Kuwaiti tax matters.

We offer support to:

  • Foreign companies operating in Kuwait for income tax services,
  • Companies listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange for National Labor Support tax services and Zakat services
  • Closed shareholding companies for Zakat services


Our clients are provided with strategic tax planning services as well as various aspects of compliance work – all tailored to meet their specific circumstances. In addition, we ensure that the compliance burden is as simple and painless as possible, so our clients can focus their resources on more pressing core processes.


  • Provision of tax planning advice on existing and future contracts
  • Advice around tax filing requirements on the basis of the relevant tax regulations currently in place
  • Registration with the tax department
  • Review of accounting records and supporting documents, keeping you informed of existing tax exposures
  • Submission of Arabic tax declaration on your behalf, as well as other detailed supporting schedules
  • Attending, where required, the tax inspections and answering queries raised by the tax inspector
  • Obtaining the tax assessment and offering advice on objection and the ensuing appeal process
  • Attending meetings with tax objection and appeal committees
  • Obtaining no objection letter from the tax department for the release of tax retentions
  • Obtaining tax clearance certificate from the tax department


  • Round-the-clock availability of tax services team
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the latest tax laws and executive regulations
  • Proactive tax-planning strategies with full implementation
  • Bilingual team on hand to ensure timely tax-compliance procedures so you can focus on your core business
  • Diverse portfolio of tax advisory services


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