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Very fruitful sharing sessions with our valued clients

29 March 2019
On 15th March 2019, our Johor Bahru office collaborated with Rockwills Trustees to make a half day sharing session for our valued clients.  We disseminated information which is vital to business owner; how small medium enterprises can gain funding and how business owners can preserve and pass on their wealth to their loved ones.

Mini shared service centre works

5 June 2018
When we talk about shared service centres, one would think of an “accounting factory floor”-numerous accounting staff working on accounts payables, receivables and general ledger transactions for multiple countries in a structured and orderly fashion.

Assisting company re-organization with our staff placement service

20 January 2016
An equity fund firm acquired a fast growing service-based company and initiated various re-engineering, process improvement and system change-over projects in a bid to realize its full commercial potential.

Ignore Goods and Services Tax (GST) accounting at your peril

19 December 2016
After more than a year of rendering GST services to clients, we came across cases where some of our clients or potential clients have paid a heavy price for taking GST lightly. We wish to share with you some experience that may assist you in learning to avoid substantial GST penalties.

Staff placement project with a renowned MNC

31 March 2015
A major financial service multi-national corporation approached us in 2013 and requested for our staff placement service as they commenced their merger exercise with a fellow financial service MNC. Their employees are required to focus on integration and harmonization work and would not have sufficient time to undertake their routine tasks.

Fixed assets sighting – out of our comfort zone

20 January 2016
The main work domain of our accounting staff has always been in an accounting office. When a renowned 5 star hotel contacted us to assist with their fixed asset sighting project, it was a novel challenge that we did not wish to pass up.

Helping a start –up to rectify its accounting problems and move on

29 August 2016
One way of reducing risk of a startup is minimizing its operating expenses. Opportunity cost of this option is quality of work could be compromised. For an e-commerce company targeting a listing, this is a delicate balancing act.

Dawn of GST accounting in Malaysia

31 March 2015
Goods and Services Tax Act takes effect from 1 April 2015 onwards in Malaysia. 2 areas would surely give us cause for concern. Firstly it is the complexity of accounting treatments of transactions; and secondly the hefty penalties imposed by the Act.

Outsourcing your payroll function – taking the first step

18 May 2015
We have clients who are familiar with payroll outsourcing services where it is practiced across their group of companies.