Wage Subsidy Programme under PENJANA (Updated 9 June 2020)

  • Wage Subsidy Programme will be extended a further 3 months with RM600 subsidy per employee, max up to 200 employees to be assisted.
  • WSP延长多3个月,每员工可获RM600津贴,最多200人。


  WSP 1.0 WSP 2.0
No of Employee Apr-20 May-20 Jun-20 July-20 Aug-20 Sep-20
< 75 1,200 1,200 1,200 600 600 600
76-200 800 800 800 600 600 600
>201 600 600 600 600  600 600
  • Employers who applied WSP are required to retain all their employees earning RM4,000 and below. However, employers are allowed to reduce working hours or reduce wages after consulting with employees.
  • 申请WSP的雇主需保留所有年薪低于4,000令吉的雇员。然而,雇主若与雇员协商后,允许减少工作时间或减少工资。
  • Effective 15/06/2020, ERP will be combined and grouped under WSP. Employers in tourism sector and businesses prohibited to operate during CMCO (e.g. spa, karaoke and cinema) are allowed to receive wage subsidy for employees on unpaid leave, subject to employees receiving the subsidy directly
  • 从15/6/2020开始,ERP将于WSP合拼。旅游业和在CMCO期间被禁止营业的企业(例如按摩院,卡拉OK和电影院)雇主可申请工资补贴给拿无薪假期的员工,但获得的补贴必须直接给员工。


  • Employers under the tourism sector must prove the business activity with registration document such as SSM / ROS / ROB / PBT.
  • 旅游业的雇主必须提供注册文件(例如 SSM / ROS / ROB / PBT)证明其主要业务。


  • Employers do not need to submit new application for the following months extended. However, employers are required to update any changes to the business status or number of eligible employees for subsequent claims via PERKESO’s system by 15th of the relevant month.
  • 雇主无需在接下来的月份提交新申请。 然而,倘若接下来的业务状况或员工人数有任何更改,雇主必须在当月15号前通过系统更新。


  • Employers who have withdrawn from WSP before 15 June 2020 is eligible to reactivate their application by email to [email protected]
  • 在6月15日前退出WSP计划的雇主可电邮至 [email protected] 重新激活其先前的申请。


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