Business Transformation

  • Financial modelling & projections
  • Diagnostic review
  • Growth & innovation strategies
  • Value chain & risk analysis
  • Full performance lifecycle identification
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators
  • Business valuations
  • Corporate restructuring & organisation models
  • Business modelling & strategies
  • Change management
  • Market intelligence & industry analysis
  • Sales, marketing and branding plan


Business Transformation & Corporate Improvement

In the last few decades a fundamental shift in the way businesses operate and structure themselves has occurred. In their search for greater efficiencies, companies have embraced out-sourcing, off-shoring, mergers & acquisitions, while rapid developments in information technology has transformed the way data has been disseminated and the way business processes and transactions are conducted.

The need to quickly transform and adapt in response to market trends, competitors movements and changing technologies, means that organizations need to be flexible in order to be competitive. RSM SBA works in tandem with our clients over a wide range of activities to ensure that intelligent solutions, which have been industry tested, can be implemented effectively.

Catalyst For Future Growth

In most business transformation exercises, the challenge is to successfully balance the quantum of improvements in business performance and growth, with organization capabilities and culture, quickly. Moreover, in a globalized, technological and competitive business environment, any form of downtime would equate to lost opportunities.

As such, we at RSM SBA understand that a rapid engagement process of execution and alignment is crucial to drive the initiative forward.Our proven methodology and swift tactical execution ensures immediate improvements in organizational effectiveness and all-round business performance with minimal disruption to on-going business operations.

We utilise an extensive selection of business strategy approaches to help reposition and transform your organisation for future growth. We draw on our vast track record and internal expertise in areas such as strategic planning, operational efficiency, organisational growth and strategy development to realign and reposition your firm to facilitate performance improvement.


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