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For businesses looking for corporate finance services, it is important to understand what corporate finance is. By knowing what it encompasses and how it applies to your company, you can source the best solutions.


What is corporate finance?

Corporate finance is the umbrella term for everything that concerns the finances of a company and focuses on how the company ensures that stakeholders and shareowners can maximise their investment in the business.

It covers everything from the day-to-day operations such as banking and budget-setting right up to the investment decisions and capital structure. Each area of corporate finance must be carefully managed in order to give shareholders the highest returns.

While this is a concern for all businesses that are backed by shareholders, the main challenge faced by most companies is achieving full corporate potential while employing very limited resources. For businesses that are in this position, it is worth getting assistance from corporate finance solutions providers.


Corporate finance specialists

Here at RSM Malaysia, we understand these challenges that companies are facing. To overcome them, through the services our team of corporate finance specialists offer, we give many companies the opportunity to achieve their objectives for higher performance, greater market share and increased existing value.

We do this by approaching each corporate situation in a holistic manner. Our team can provide an in-depth analysis and strategic advice on corporate, market, operations, technology, capital, funding and exit plans.

These corporate finance services include:

·         Mergers & acquisitions

We provide guidance to help businesses navigate areas such as non-disclosure agreements and sales processes

·         Joint ventures & strategic alliances

While these go hand-in-hand in many respects, there are differences between joint ventures and strategic alliances that business owners need to be aware of before progressing. Our corporate finance advisors will talk you through these differences to help you reach the best outcome for your company.

·         Sales & divestment

If you are in the process of working out the best route for maximising the value of your organisation, divestment could be an excellent option if you have other business assets that can be sold. Our specialists can provide advice for every stage of the divestment process.

·         Fundraising & project financing

Financing your project can sometimes need a little outside assistance. We advise on capital fundraising to get your project financed.

·         Financial modelling & projections

We have experience in financial forecasting and can take an objective look at your business’ current financial situation to accurately model for the future.  

·         Equity valuations

Taking stock of your company and understanding its value can be key to unlocking corporate financial solutions for your businesses. We help to calculate the equity value and help with the stages that follow on from there.  

Each of these financial services are designed to equip you with the things you need to oversee the ROI for your shareholders.


Corporate finance advisors in Malaysia 

All stakeholders and public or private companies, regardless of the stage of the business life cycle, will at some stage enter into a transaction or require funds for things like daily operations, expansion, investment, acquisition, and debt reduction. In addition, they may require funds for strengthening their capital bases and increasing liquidity for themselves or their shareholders.

Being able to present and negotiate your case convincingly, structuring and closing a deal that benefits both the company and the financier in a timely manner, requires experience, professionalism, commitment, time, discipline and creativity. To do this, you will need skilled corporate finance advisors with the expertise to meet your end goals.

Our team of professionals is dedicated, passionate and carries out a systematic approach towards mergers and acquisitions transactions that helps to avoid pitfalls and ensures a higher chance of finding the right buyer or seller.

We have the proven track record to evaluate propositions to achieve maximum value for clients while being objective for informed decision making. We will hand-hold you through the entire process and assist you to fulfil your funding needs while minimising financial risks and protecting the interests and wealth of your shareholders.



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