Master Plan Support

  • Vision, mission and development concept
  • Market insights, industry clustering and value chain analysis
  • Labs and Workshops to engage the relevant stakeholders
  • Business model and strategies, public and private partnerships
  • Implementation methodology & development phasing
  • Financial modeling & projections
  • Financial Evaluation of projects & programmes
  • Fund raising & project financing
  • Marketing , branding and promotions
  • Institutional framework, incentives ad human capital initiatives
  • Socio-economic modelling

Successful master planning is the key to creating great places. It can lead to the physical, social and economic revival of an area. A clear, considered master plan is like building a road map into the future. A master plan charts a hopeful course between the present and the intended situation, with clear and achievable milestones along the way.

At RSM SBA, we provide support for all stages of preparation for a master plan from the strategic framework, research on economic data, business model, financial analysis of development components, project characterisation, funding modes and implementation structures.

The Master Plan Development Process

A Master Plan is not only a physical development plan. A Master Plan requires an integrated approach that is also financially and economically viable. The execution of a Master Plan will be in the form of realistic, practical and implementable projects or initiatives that will spur development and create the most impact for the local population or region.

The planning process begins with highlighting the basic goals, vision, priorities and directions. A Concept Plan is then drafted the outline the major programmes and projects through consulting and communicating with the client, master planning team and key stakeholders. The Business and Strategic Plan will test these concepts against the realities of market potentials and conditions. The two plans are then coordinated to form a single integrated and Comprehensive Master Plan.

One the Master Plan has been approved, funding campaigns and early “quick-win” projects can commence while feasibilities and business plans are carried out for project-level detailing. Indeed. A good Master Plan is flexible, adaptable to change, and can serve as a living guideline that continues to evolve and be reviewed over time.


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