Strategic Business Advisors

At RSM Malaysia, we have a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable strategic business advisors who can provide a wealth of corporate finance services and solutions for your company. Our teams specialise in everything from corporate finance and deal transaction support to due diligence and business transformation services.  

We can talk you through each investment you make and help to support the growth of your company. To ensure you source the right team, here is a look at the strategic business support we provide.


Business transformation

The way organisations evolve has changed significantly in recent years. Technological advances and new ways of doing businesses has meant that everything from mergers and acquisitions to outsourcing resources has become an in-depth process.

At RSM Malaysia, we provide strategic business solutions, working closely with our clients to help their business grow and secure a successful outcome across all their activities. Find out more about our business transformation services.


Corporate finance

Our range of corporate finance services means that you can work to maximise ROI for your shareholders. We appreciate the challenges businesses face and offer a full complement of solutions to achieve your end goals.

Whether you need a steer through mergers and acquisitions; guidance on sales and divestment; or a detailed look into fundraising and project financing, the RSM Malaysia team is on hand to provide advice and assistance.


Deal transaction support

Assessing all sides of a deal and working through the angles is crucial. From gathering market intelligence to ensuring that due diligence is successfully carried out, there is a lot of ground to cover before a transaction can go ahead.

We take you through each stage and prove a collection of deal transaction support services that help you to tick the boxes before you sign on the dotted line.


Due diligence and valuation

One of the key corporate finance services we offer, due diligence and valuation is the key to any merger and acquisition. It helps to assess the value of a company’s assets and weigh up the risks involved.

Our specialists are skilled in analysing businesses to see how viable they are. Their expertise is essential in the deal making process.


Master plan support

To build a road map, there needs to be strategic planning in place. This involves successful master planning by a knowledgeable team. From the early stages that include a series of big ideas through to the details that bring everything together, a master plan is a comprehensive process that includes a series of stages.

At RSM, we support you through each part of this process, including vision conception; engagement workshops; financial modelling; and marketing.


Pre-IPO readiness and transformation

If you want to expand your company through an IPO, allow our team of experts to answer your questions about how to go about it. We’ll take you through every stage, creating and following the pre-IPO roadmap, advising on when to go public with the IPO, and implement the transformation.

To find out more, take a look at our dedicated IPO services.


Public sector infrastructure and public private partnership

At RSM Malaysia, we have an intricate knowledge of local laws and legislation. We are fully aware of the 10th Malaysia Plan and how this has set out plans for economic growth within the country.

If you need to know more about this and how your business fits in with this plan, our strategic business consultants will talk you through the current state of play. Find out more about our public sector infrastructure and public private partnership services.


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