Business Appraisal

The main purpose of a business appraisal is to establish what a company is worth in the current marketplace. It looks at the business in its present form and works out what it could sell for in the current climate.

Getting a business appraisal does not necessarily mean that a busines owner wants to sell. There are different instances where a valuation is needed for a company, such as making a public offering on another business or when entering into a merger. These transactions require full appraisals of the businesses involved before any deals can be undertaken.

To give you an idea of when this applies, here are the instances where the question about the worth of a company is of essential importance:

  • The evaluation of operations or assets for courts, tax authorities, regulatory agencies, shareholders or enterprises
  • Independent assessments for the sake of determining conversion ratios or compensations within the scope of a reorganisation
  • Valuations in the context of intragroup transactions for tax authorities.

When creating and designing financial models, business plans, applying business appraisal techniques, and independent and objective evaluations of operations or assets, the team here at RSM Austria deploys comprehensive economic and legal knowhow. We do this in order to achieve a result that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.

If needed, we can draw on colleagues with special knowledge of the industry or country, or we can include specialists from other fields for the assessment. As part of the global RSM network, we have access to professionals in 170 countries who are skilled in creating independent business assessments to help build a picture of what your company could be worth.

Whether you need to get a business appraisal because you have reached retirement age and want to sell, or you’re building on the foundations of your start-up, you are in safe hands with us. We work with businesses of all sizes and take a holistic approach to each business plan and appraisal we work on.

Our team wants to provide you with the very best service. That’s why RSM has a group of experienced appraisers to help you get the best valuation for your company. 

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