Business Restructuring

Whether your business wants to manage risk, navigate asset splits, simplify processes through organisational restructuring or otherwise, RSM Austria can work with you to create a bespoke solution. We understand that every business is different, which is why we’ll work closely with your board and other stakeholders to identify the issues you face and devise an appropriate business restructuring strategy.

If your business wishes to outsource, reorganise operations, merge with other companies or terminate existing joint ventures, you must be able to change your legal form easily, quickly and with minimal tax burden. Against this background, EU regulations mean that such procedures can be made tax neutral in most cases. These procedures are summarised as reorganisations.

However, there are a number of requirements and legal regulations to be met in order for these procedures to be tax neutral. Getting robust and reliable corporate restructuring advice from our team of experts will ensure you choose the right approach in line with your budget and time restraints.

What business restructuring services can we offer at RSM Austria?

Our team of experts at RSM Austria have the knowledge and experience to help your company resolve the issues you face.  We understand that every business is different, which is why we’ll develop a bespoke plan that best suits your company’s interests. We offer a range of company restructuring services including support with cross-border and national mergers, business insertions, asset splits and business fusions. Below is some more information on each of the areas of business restructuring we can help with:

National and cross-border mergers

We can support with business mergers of all complexities, creating a unique strategy that will minimise risk and maximise returns. As RSM have an international network, we can assist with both national and cross-border mergers.

Business transformations

Business transformations require robust, considered strategies to ensure their long-term success. Our team can work with you to create and implement an effective transformation in digital technology, processes or people management.

Business fusions

Whether you are keen to expand into a new marketplace, enhance your product offering or boost revenue, we can assist with business fusions that will help you achieve your goals.

Asset splits

We can assist with both tangible and intangible asset splits, such as real estate, equipment, office furniture, cash and intellectual property. 

Business divisions

We can help your business with organisational restructuring in the form of divisions – which may help to streamline processes and better market separate products or services.

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