Tax Consulting

Wealthy private persons and families need sound financial advice and often require consultation from income tax planning experts. With the priority of protecting your assets, an efficient tax planning strategy plays a major role.

The tax consulting services team at RSM Austria have a wealth of experience in cooperation with wealthy private persons – from entrepreneurs to CEOs and VIPs and owners of extensive real estate. Whether you’re looking for financial advisory services surrounding inheritance or gifts and how to ensure they are compliant, or consultation when it comes to buying or selling property, the team at RSM Austria are here to help.

If you are under the higher-income threshold, you should always make sure that your tax and financial matters are handled professionally. The efficient management of your own tax matters and the need to always be familiar with the current tax regulations can above all be a challenge when you have assets in several countries or different legal systems.

As tax consulting experts, RSM Austria offers you effective planning and sound consulting to help you make the right decisions for your personal objectives and avoid negative effects on your assets.

Our tax consulting services can help you with:

  • Income tax planning and preparation of tax statements
  • Consulting on inheritance and gift matters
  • Tax consulting when buying or selling property
  • Consulting on issues relating to wills and trusts
  • Handling of donations to charitable activities or to relief organisations
  • Consulting of private foundations
  • Succession and transfer planning
  • Valuation issues

Helping our clients with our world-leading, tax consulting services

We’re experts at what we do, which is why our clients come back time and time again for our financial advisory services. We understand how challenging it can be to continually navigate the ever-changing world of tax. With regulations and legislations to be aware of, enlisting the help of our tax consulting specialists could be incredibly beneficial.

Speak to the expert team at RSM Austria today on +43 (1) 505 63 63 or by email to [email protected], and see how our unparalleled experience can help you.

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