Etibar Ashirov
Consulting Partner


Mr. Ashirov is a Consulting Partner in our Firm. He joined RSM Azerbaijan first time in August 2018.

Etibar Ashirov developed and integrated management information systems for the project monitoring and control, financed by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, IFAD, Islamic Development Bank, The Government of Azerbaijan, such as:

  • Highway Projects
  • National Water and Sanitation Project
  • Agriculture projects
  • Financial Services Development Projects

Professional certification and Honors:

UNCTAD: Introduction to IAS and Auditing, 1999 Honor Certificate, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) : Professional Scheme (ongoing, passed all F level exams (except for F8, September 2018 exam results pending))

Government scholarships, 2003-2005, Awarded to top score enrolled post graduate students

Government scholarships, 2000-2002, Awarded to top score enrolled graduate students

Government scholarships, 1996-2000, Awarded to top score enrolled students, (passed state exam 7th out of more than 80 thousand applicants)

Other Skills:

Professional Knowledge of The WB, ADB procurement guidelines   (including consultant services, works, and IT), familiar with FIDIC Contracts

MS Windows 7/8/10, MS Office, MS Windows Server 2008/2012, MS SQL 2008/2014, C #, 1C: Enterprise 8.3 Platform (Specialist and Expert Certifications).