Tax Update - Transfer Pricing

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19 November 2020 | Duration 120 Minutes

The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic vary for businesses depending upon factors such as the industry, geography and possible actions taken by the relevant governments to mitigate the impact. Despite the collective efforts from business leaders and government alike, many businesses have experienced declining revenues and profitability during these challenging circumstances. Meanwhile, the governments are facing ever challenging scenario of budget deficit. As a result, multinational companies are more likely than ever to be targeted by the governments to expand their revenue base – measures taken by the governments, amongst other things, include increased scrutiny on the MNC transfer pricing policies and enforcement of tax compliances on documentation and proof, particularly with relation to cross-border related party transactions.

Multinational companies need to be prepared for the tightened examination and assessment by the tax authorities and ensure that their transfer pricing policies reflect that of the current or future economic reality. What was an appropriate arm’s length transfer pricing policy few months ago may not be the appropriate policy now.

In this webinar, we would share some key areas of transfer pricing strategy and compliance that should be actively managed and monitored to mitigate the effects of the ongoing crisis.


Webinar | Tax Update  - Transfer Pricing




Untoro Sejati - Partner, Tax Practice

Adzka Fadillah - Manager, Tax Practice


Thursday, 19 November 2020


2.00pm - 4.00pm