Helping businesses to unlock opportunities for growth, solve complex problems and mitigate risk through innovative, cutting-edge solutions. 

RSM firms provide specialist consultancy services to support your business in the short, medium or long term. The key to our working style is partnership. We start by understanding the challenges that your business is facing, then bring on board experts from our global network to provide the precise consultancy support you require, and work with you to propose solutions that answer your needs. 


We can help you to unlock opportunities for growth, find innovative solutions to overcome challenges or mitigate and manage risks.

 How we can help you with accounting & reporting advisory 


With the growth of the business and different types of transactions carried out by the organization, the financial recording and reporting system will also become more complex. In addition, organizations require to keep up with the existing Accounting Standard. So their Financial Reporting still brings transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Our Accounting & Reporting Advisory team are perfectly equipped to help you dealing with complex accounting and financial reporting issue. Professionals at RSM Indonesia and at other RSM member firms have significant experience to provide insight for your complex accounting and financial reporting issue while keeping with accounting standard framework.

Is your understanding of International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) fully joined up?

RSM Indonesia can guide you through the business implications, offering IFRS training and technical assistance where necessary to ensure your organization is fully compliant with the myriad rules and regulations.

Adoption of IFRS is a continuous process in Indonesia, and you need to prepare your organization for its implementation. If you are an ambitious, internationally active enterprise with plans to expand into overseas markets, you need to be able to rely on precise, tailored IFRS services and that’s where RSM Indonesia can help you.

Our expert team of consultants can offer IFRS support, training and advice all geared towards delivering the solutions that will make your organization run smoothly and ensure it continues to operate within the IFRS framework. We will offer technical assistance and, throughout our partnership, our IFRS consultants will communicate in an open and honest manner so you can be sure that we are providing you with the full picture from start to finish.

International expansion plans often involve cross-border acquisitions or joint ventures abroad, raising international debt finance, developing relationships with private equity houses or raising capital from the equity markets, whether at home or abroad. Such transactions are increasingly likely to call for a detailed understanding of IFRS implementation.

And, as part of RSM International, we are uniquely positioned to offer the IFRS solutions to tackle these challenges. A global network spanning more than 820 offices across 120 nations means we have access to a wealth of knowledge on both a local and worldwide scale. Around the world, we have expert IFRS consultants who have developed over a number of years an in-depth expertise in IFRS and their implications in local markets, so you can be sure that the IFRS specialists within RSM will support and guide your business through a range of potentially complex issues.


Our range of IFRS service (comprising full IFRS and the IFRS for SMEs) includes:

  • IFRS implementation readiness
  • IFRS training
  • IFRS technical assistance

If you would like to know more about our IFRS services and how they can be implemented to help your business flourish, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at your own convenience.

Our expert, friendly and professional team are fully committed to providing you with the IFRS support your organization needs and by coming to RSM Indonesia, you can guarantee you’re partnering with the very best.



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