Our values

We are committed to provide services that will add value to our clients and will aid to our clients´ excellence. Values delivered to our clients will bring sustainable growth for both RSM Indonesia and moreover to our valuable clients. For that reason, we believe in implementing "STAR" value in each aspects of our everyday activity.

As a professional practice organization, excellence has a vital role in the continuity of the firm; we are committed to perform at each person best ability. Here, we perceived that all of our personnel are a STAR and it has been used as basis of our performance.

At RSM Indonesia, we live and conduct our daily activities based on the STAR values.

Our STAR values guides us in behaving and interacting with our colleagues and our clients, as well as with other parties, both internal and external.

  • Smart: work smarter, not just harder
  • Trust: build trust, and maintain
  • Action: commit and make things happen
  • Respect: respect yourself, respect others

Committed to provide value to our clients

Our top priority is the clients’ needs for professional assistance. We pledge to give our clients the highest level of attention from our most experienced professionals that is our partners, directors, and senior managers. This ensures the deliverables of highest quality for your excellence. This approach ensures that your business receives the best possible top quality advice from our teams of professionals from Indonesia and from abroad.

All of our teams’ involvements are guided by RSM Indonesia’s accumulated knowledge in the areas of auditing, accounting, corporate governance, corporate finance, tax , and business management. In addition, the teams draw on the firm’s intellectual capital on the Indonesian economy and on the key industry sectors.

We maintain data banks with key economic, financial, market, and operating indicators, regarding the industries where our clients operate. Periodically, we prepare position papers and viewpoints depicting the key control issues and success factors in each of these industries. All these efforts are aimed to equip our professional teams with the fundamental industry knowledge and insights, when planning and executing specific client assignments. We share this information with selected clients.

RSM Indonesia  is focused on assisting our clients to grow their business. We have designed and scaled our services to help companies of all sizes to succeed in the national and international marketplace. We right-size our services and can handle the needs of clients as their companies expand.