When seeking external assistance for your business, you naturally want people who have knowledge and experience that can accommodate your needs and boast a track record of good results. That means coming to RSM Indonesia and benefitting from our expert team of trained audit and assurance specialists.

With more than 35 years in the market, we are proud of our experience in rendering auditing and consulting services. We are placed third in terms of the numbers of audit services provided to publicly listed companies and bond issuers, and we have assisted businesses in their initial public offerings. We are also eminent when it comes to providing audit and assurance services to large state-owned enterprises.

We deliver auditing in a seamless way, interpreting the differences and uniqueness of each company’s characteristics where they exist, so that we can consistently provide perceptive advice that is relevant to your business.

Our audit and assurance clients include domestic and multinational organizations that engage in various industries and sectors. We have served privately held and public companies, state owned enterprises, government institutions and non-profit organizations. The industries we have served include airline, automotive, bank, cement, hotel and convention center, insurance, pension fund, pharmaceutical, plantation, property, pulp, securities, shipping and shipbuilding, steel, telecommunications, and textile.

Our audit specialists are ideally placed to offer audit services that add value to your business by providing astute feedback on your operations. The RSM Audit Methodology, which complies with international auditing standards, provides an effective, cost-efficient, independent audit, carried out in a timely way by experienced professionals who are extremely competent in their respective areas. 

We believe that with the combination of our expertise, capabilities, experience and international networking, we will be able to serve your company in accordance with high international standards. Our strong team of audit specialists will be delighted to work together with you in meeting your expectations and needs.



Keeping You Informed

We communicate closely and regularly with your Audit Committee, CFO, financial controller and accounting staff during the auditing process. From our preliminary planning and interim work, through to the delivery of reports and communication of internal control related materials, we strive to keep you informed.

Supporting Tool

To support our auditing work, we use AAJ SMART®, a practical systemized audit application tool ensuring coverage of all account balances and risk, to improve financial auditing and review efficiency.

By coming to RSM Indonesia, you’re guaranteed to receive the audit and assurance services that are perfectly suited to your business and its needs. So, if you’d like to know more about how our audit specialists can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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