Governance Risk Control Consulting Services

Disastrous failings in corporate regulations worldwide, and the subsequent regulatory measures in shareholder activity, have brought Governance Risk Control (GRC) to the forefront of minds across boardrooms everywhere. Organizations now accept that by successfully balancing risk and control, they can significantly enhance the value they deliver to stakeholders.

As organizations become accustomed to the post Sarbanes-Oxley era, we believe that new areas for GRC are opening up and need to be put into considerations for business improvements. Here at RSM Indonesia, we can help in developing solutions to address organizations’ risk management concerns and provide assistance in better managing the business.

We have crafted a hard-earned reputation of being able to provide a premium range of risk advisory services to our clients, and that reputation has been built upon the solid foundation of more than 35 years of experience in the field of risk management. Allied to that knowledge and expertise is our position within RSM International’s global network, which spans in 120 countries and 830 offices around the globe.

Access to such an authoritative level of knowhow on both a local and global scale means we are uniquely placed to offer our clients the chance to partner with our specially trained risk advisors, who can provide guidance on GRC no matter what the location of your business or the particulars of its requirements.

The key to our working style is partnership

complex_restructuring_corporate_management_legal_structure_company.pngWe start by understanding the challenges that your business is facing, bringing on board experts to provide the precise consultancy support you require, and working closely with you to propose risk management solutions that answer your needs.
Our team of risk advisory consultants will rely on a wealth of experience to guide you through all the nuances that come with tackling risk management, maintaining open and honest lines of communication with you at all times. A key factor in delivering our risk advisory services to such high standards, is ensuring our clients are kept fully up to date with every step of the process, ensuring absolute accountability and transparency at all times.

Our Governance Risk Control services include:

  • Fraud Prevention
  • ESG & Sustainability
  • Process, Risk & Controls
  • Security & Privacy Risk
  • Technology Risk

Should you wish to know more about Governance Risk Control and how our expertly trained risk management specialists can help you and your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch. In coming to RSM Indonesia, you’re guaranteed to receive a premium service that covers all your risk management needs.

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