Dengan skala organisasi kami yang lebih besar dari beberapa organisasi di industri ini, kami menawarkan berbagai bantuan untuk kebutuhan bisnis yang terus berkembang.

Sebagai bagian dari RSM Indonesia, kami memiliki kemampuan untuk memberikan dukungan yang memiliki nilai tambah bagi anda, dengan menggunakan konsep "one-stop, hassle-free", yang lebih dari sekedar jasa pembukuan.

Di lain sisi, dengan skala organisasi kami yang lebih kecil dibandingkan beberapa organisasi di industri ini, kami mempunyai keunggulan tersendiri, yaitu kami bisa memberikan jasa yang lebih personal dan disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan klien kami.

Jasa kami meliputi:

  • Business Establishment & Licensing
  • Shareholder/Voluntary Liquidations
  • Executive Search 

We are well-positioned to help local and foreign entrepreneurs set up their businesses in Indonesia. Our wide areas of expertise in business establishment, including company incorporation and representative office establishment, enable us to support the entrepreneur to set up his business in the shortest possible time.

We are able to help in the following areas:

 Establishment of Onshore Companies 

 Establishment of Representative Offices 

 Statutory Compliance for Companies

License & Permits

We also provide professional assistance to clients with respect to their application for a number of specific licenses/permits required for their business operations, including but not limited to factory licenses, construction permits, telecommunication licenses, import and export licenses, licenses to operate businesses in industrial estates, restaurant licenses, entertainment licenses.

We have assisted clients in labour matters prior to the commencement of the employment of their staff, during their employment in addition to in respect to the termination of their employment.

We advise clients on the Indonesian labour law requirements of hiring and terminating staff.


We have been engaged by clients to represent them as their company secretary and to provide corporate secretarial service, comprising:

Routine corporate secretarial compliance

Maintenance of corporate registers

Attending to routine changes of directors, commissioners and shareholders


The need for high quality management is a crucial factor to the success of any business. Our team of professional consultants have years of experience in the field of Executive Recruitment and Selection enabling us to identify people with the right mix of skills and experience to meet your management team requirements.   



Founded on developing an understanding of your business processes and needs, our consultants take on an "advisory role" consistent with your organizational requirements.

Our in-depth and extensive experience in recruitment and selection, including our familiarity with trends across a range of industries, allows us to penetrate the market and discuss opportunities with the right candidates from specific industries.

We cover the overall recruitment process to maximize your time, minimize your workload and provide solutions to your human resource requirements. Whilst seeking to minimize the demands on your time, our approach is to work closely with our clients.

We believe that a successful search effort is achieved by working in partnership with our clients at each step of the process.



We adopt a systematic step-by-step procedure in our search process. This has proven to be the most efficient and reliable approach.

To achieve a clear and comprehensive understanding of a job specification, we value your involvement concerning company background, management style and culture as well as job scope and the corresponding personnel profile that fits the requirement.

 How Do We Source?

Based on the information you provide, we commence our search by utilizing our broad database of candidates and our global network to locate and "head-hunt" for potential candidates. When appropriate, to thoroughly scan the market, we also identify and evaluate candidates sourced through advertisements.

 Evaluation Process

In evaluating candidates, we thoroughly assess their credentials through in-depth interviews and initial reference checks. Only when we are convinced that candidates best-fit the search parameters do we shortlist them.

 Shortlist of Candidates

We provide a shortlist of candidates who have been assessed based on their competence, team compatibility and operating environment familiarity, and are therefore considered "best-fit" for the position.

 Reference Checks

To complete our search and recruitment process, we conduct a detailed reference check on the selected candidate, which is part of our commitment to deliver the best-qualified candidate for the position.



Not only do we provide a thorough recruitment and selection process but offer a three-month guarantee at no extra cost on your part.

Our expertise in executive search & recruitment will source highly professional personnel to build and support your management team.

Our capability to deliver value-added services is enhanced by the presence of the RSM network operating in various regions, throughout the world.



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