Kami berkomitmen untuk memberikan jasa yang dapat memberikan nilai tambah dan yang dapat membantu kesuksesan klien kami. Hasil kerja yang kami berikan kepada klien kami dapat membantu pertumbuhan yang berkelanjutan bukan hanya untuk kami, tetapi terutama untuk klien kami. Oleh karenanya, kami percaya dalam menerapkan nilai budaya "STAR" dalam aktivitas harian kami.

Sebagai organisasi jasa profesi, keunggulan merupakan peran penting dalam kelangsungan usaha kami; setiap orang dari kami berkomitmen untuk memberikan yang terbaik. Disini, kami yakin bahwa setiap staff dan partner adalah seorang STAR, dan nilai budaya STAR juga kami gunakan sebagai ukuran kinerja.

Di RSM Indonesia, kami hidup dan menjalankan aktivitas kami dengan didasari oleh nilai-nilai STAR.

STAR mengarahkan kami dalam berperilaku dan dalam berinteraksi dengan kolega, klien dan pihak-pihak lainnya baik internal maupun eksternal.

  • Smart : work smarter, not just harder
  • Trust : build trust, and maintain
  • Action : commit and make things happen
  • Respect : respect yourself, respect others

Prioritas utama kami adalah memenuhi kebutuhan klien dengan memberikan jasa profesional. Kami berkomitmen kepada klien kami untuk memberikan perhatian yang mencukupi dari profesional kami yang telah berpengalaman, para partner, direktur dan senior manager kami. Pendekatan ini kami gunakan untuk memastikan agar anda menerima masukan terbaik dari tim kami, baik itu tim kami di Indonesia maupun di luar negeri.

Keterlibatan seluruh anggota tim kami dipandu oleh akumulasi pengetahuan RSM Indonesia di area audit, akuntansi, tata kelola, keuangan, pajak, dan manajemen. Selain itu, tim kami juga menggunakan pemahaman RSM Indonesia yang kuat mengenai ekonomi di Indonesia dan sektor industrinya.

Kami memiliki database informasi mengenai ekonomi, keuangan, pasar, dan indikator utama khususnya pada industri dimana klien kami beroperasi. Lalu secara berkala, kami menulis mengenai permasalahan pengendalian dan faktor sukses di industri-industri tersebut. Semua upaya ini bertujuan untuk membekali tim profesional kami dengan pengetahuan industri dasar dan wawasan luas untuk dapat merencanakan dan melaksanakan tugas yang diberikan oleh klien. Informasi-informasi ini juga kami sampaikan kepada beberapa klien kami.

RSM Indonesia fokus membantu klien dalam mengembangkan bisnis mereka. Kami merancang agar layanan kami dapat membantu berbagai organisasi dengan skala yang berbeda-beda, agar mereka dapat meraih sukses di Indonesia dan di pasar internasional. Kami memberikan layanan secara tepat sehingga dapat menangani kebutuhan klien seiring perkembangan yang ada.

We are Curious

We ask probing questions and seek diverse perspectives to gain deeper understanding, challenge thinking and generate new ideas. We are genuinely interested, eager to learn more by listening and then acting, in order to strengthen relationships based on true understanding.


We show our curiosity when we:

Ask questions.

• Seek different perspectives to inform our work.

• Spend time reading and learning.

• Share our new ideas and insight.


When we approach our work and our relationships with a sense of curiosity, rather than assuming we have the answers, we strengthen relationships and demonstrate our commitment to understanding.


We are Collaborative

We believe that collaboration leads to better outcomes and we seek and share diverse perspectives to encourage innovative thinking to solve problems and enable others to seize opportunities. We also have the humility to accept when other people’s way of thinking might create a better outcome.


We demonstrate collaboration when we:

• Ask for people’s opinions or perspectives

• Cultivate diversity and include others

• Reflect differing points of view in our questioning and recommendations

• Connect across teams within the firm and the wider network


The challenges we tackle in our business and for clients are tough, and no one person can have all the answers. By gathering diverse perspectives and collaborating effectively, each of us will be stronger and we will be better able to help others achieve their best.

We are Critical Thinkers

We digest, apply and communicate complex information and concepts with clarity, objectivity and depth, and bring our best thinking and advice to help others make confident decisions. We explore new ideas and share insight in an open, positive and transparent way.


We demonstrate critical thinking when we:

• Spend time learning new things

• Think deeply about issues and opportunities

• Bring together diverse inputs into a cohesive perspective

• Share ideas and insights with others


We evolve our thinking to match the changes in the world around us and commit to continuous learning and development to ensure we perform as true first-choice advisors.


We are Caring

We build strong, long-term relationships by understanding others and their aspirations and remaining empathetic to their unique challenges, needs and preferences. With a natural and friendly approach, we demonstrate interest in, and respect for, what matters most to others.


We show that we care by:

• Being interested in and concerned about others

• Understanding their goals, challenges, and aspirations

• Showing empathy


When we demonstrate how much we care, we build trust, deepen relationships and are given the opportunity to do more for others.


We are Courageous

We demonstrate strength and confidence in challenging actions and traditional ways of thinking – having the courage to look forward and prepare for tomorrow. We also have the courage to confront issues and look to explore all solutions and travel down new roads, not just the one most travelled.


We demonstrate courage when we:

• Voice an alternative point of view

• Share new ideas and insights

• Have courageous conversations about issues or opportunities

• Stay true to our instincts because we know it will lead to better results


Our work requires courage to help others improve and to spark the exploration of new opportunities. Our foundation of caring, curiosity and collaboration can help us be courageous without being confrontational.