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We have a reach of firms in 120 countries and are in each of the top 40 major business centres throughout the world


We have combined staff of 186 professional staff, 37 partners


5 head offices in Tokyo

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Looking to the next horizon

In his first RSM blog to the Network, E.J. addresses the exciting opportunities ahead, our continued commitment to the ambitious 2030 Global Strategy, and the strong foundations built under the guidance of our outgoing CEO, Jean Stephens.

Doing business in Japan

RSM Japan consists of three independent firms that have joined the RSM International network as official members in Japan and work as a group exclusively for international clients and cross border transactions. The firms and service areas are as follows.

RSM Seiwa - audit and attestation   
RSM Japan Tax.co - taxation   
RSM Shiodome partners - accounting and law  
* Correspondent firm - Tokyo Kyodo Accounting Office - consulting and transactional support services

RSM Japan provides clients with a variety of professional services tailored to the individual needs of clients, including audit, related attestation services, international taxation (including, but not limited to, transfer pricing), outsourcing and advisory services such as M&A, IPO, inward investments and various financial transactions.