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Many a times business ideas falter and fail to deliver value. Principal reason for such failure is the absence of a rigorous market, technical and financial analysis.   Detail oriented planning reflects objective reality and is an essential ingredient of successful businesses, both new and ongoing.  Over the past several years, we have assisted valued clients in decision making process concerning new projects or expansion of existing businesses by devising strategic plan, developing feasibility studies and business plans.  Our expertise also includes financial modeling skills that benefit our clients by helping develop dynamic financial model that are flexible for extreme stress testing.  In industry domains where specialized technical knowledge is required, we also appoint and liaise on behalf of our clients with technical specialists to ensure the client receives the right advice.  Strategic planning is an integral part of any business decision and therefore crucial to achieve long term results.   With strategic planning, we achieve for our clients, decisions in prioritizing business initiatives and aid in capacity planning. 

Reflect in plans objective reality


  • Strategic planning:  prioritizing business initiatives & capacity planning
  • Feasibility studies:  start ups, expansion and diversified business
  • Business plans
  • Financial modeling

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