Process enhancement, value-addition, regulatory compliance and risk management services

An effective internal audit function is widely viewed as an essential component of a strong corporate governance framework of any successful organization. Globally, inadequate controls have cost many companies dearly, with many businesses who fail to manage their risks effectively paying a substantial price. Economically, industries have realized this factor and made a paradigm shift to invest in establishing controls, processes, checks and balances.

Modern management advocates have strongly recommended the need for an independent, objective analysis that adds value to improve organization's operations. Internal auditing helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing in a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve upon the effectiveness of risk.

RSM’s internal audit advisory process combines detailed understanding with proactive, actionable solutions that help to mitigate risk and create dynamic and value-added strategies within your organization.


Our approach is to understand your business for what it is – a unique entity with its own set of processes and challenges. We will test the effectiveness of your processes & controls, bring out the consequences of any deficiency in your process chain and then recommend suitable, actionable and tailored internal audit solutions that fit your needs. We engage with your key personnel, working alongside them to assess the compliance of established processes.

Our goal is to provide risk management advisory that identifies the strategic, operational and financial risks to you, from the most pressing issues to the smallest deficiencies. We will provide key information on the risks posed to you in the immediate as well as in the coming years, and use our decades of experience in risk consultancy, and RSM’s global network of expertise, to help you overcome them.


  • Outsourced internal audit services
  • Internal control reviews & process mapping
  • Risk management services
  • Corporate governance review
  • Compliance as required by regulatory bodies
  • Other specialized services


  • We add value where possible, providing recommendations of proactive and suitable solutions that fit your needs
  • We will drive management to implement enhanced preventive and detective controls
  • We will highlights high-risk areas to your business, both in the immediate future and longer term, and follow up on recommended implementation suggestions
  • We will ensure adequate compliance of statutory requirements


RSM’s internal audit advisory could be exactly what your company needs to achieve its goals. Contact us today for more information.